7+ Best Things To Do In Dubai at Night

Dubai is all scintillating at night with all the glitz and glamour all over. It is as happening in the morning as it is at night. So the party Catholics should not need to worry as Dubai offers hundreds of options for you people to choose from. Every place is worth visiting at night as they are fascinating and unique and you can do a lot of things at night if you are visiting Dubai for the first time.


  • Seek in the view at Skyview Bar

With the panoramic view all around this bar on the 27th Floor makes you feel heavenly seeping in all the surroundings. It offers a spectacular view of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, and it even has the coolest bartenders. They can mix the tastiest cocktails for you which will suit your mood. This 650 ft up in the bar is best visited at night. Sky view bar is one of the best things to do in Dubai at night.

  • Go Skiing at Night

This is a must try in Dubai. Ski Dubai is the Best Tourists Attractions In Dubai which not only makes you feel the drop in the temperature far from the scorching heat during the day. It is the best indoor Ski Resort not only in Dubai but also in the Middle East areas. It is made as an adaptation of a mountain scene from inside where you seem to trek, slip, slide and glide amidst the snow. It even has a chair life inside, and even the beginners can enjoy there. It remains open after 11 pm so you can hit the place even at night.

  • Sit and admire the Burj Al Arab

No probably not sitting on the sands and drool over Burj Al Arab when Dubai has 360 Lounge for it. Yes, it is located exactly opposite the Burj Al Arab and overlooks the shining coastline of Dubai. It is a circular venue with a spectacular view all around. Just relax and feel the wind. It has the most happening club with international DJs and also a fantastic restaurant to dine. It is the ultimate place to chill at night lazing on the large sofas breathing in the view at night.

  • Stare at the Masterpiece

Burj Khalifa is surely the best masterpiece in Dubai Trip, and you can keep on staring at until the entire day. It has a different look of its own at night which makes it look even more beautiful. It is the most frequently visited spot of the tourists, and the height of 1820 ft makes it the true specimen of architecture in Dubai. It has 148 levels, and you can get an entire view of Dubai from there- a complete 360 degrees view. It is simply beautiful, and if you are with your loved ones, it is nonetheless romantic for both of you.

  • Explore the labyrinth

Souk Madinat is the perfect place for you if you want to explore the labyrinth at night. From the outside, it has a traditional and old touch, but it’s completely different from inside. The Madinat Theatre is the spot beautifully decorated theatre in Dubai, and it is a famous night spot. It also has a restaurant and a cool hub for a rocking nightlife. If you love shopping, you can shop here too as it has great items to choose from in the shopping center.

  • Go along the fountain

The Dubai Fountain is located on the beautiful Burj Dubai Lake, and it is the largest water fountain in the world. The fountain shown occurs in 20 minutes, and it is usually open until 11 pm on weekends. You can even book a table at the French Restaurant there overlooking the view and have the most romantic dinner there with your partner. The light, music and water show of five minutes is the most beautiful fountain show there.

  • Go clubbing

Not only clubbing but if you want to bang into some celebrity, then this is the spot you can count on. It is for all the fashionistas and is the most relaxed and happening place in Dubai to hang out in. It combines a lounge bar and the best restaurant in town. It’s named after the best interior designer Roberto Cavalli, and the chandelier inside is stunning. It’s all about food, fun, and fashion for sure.

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