Best 8 Party Places in Noida

Not many places in the world can cater to all kinds of audience. It is a well-known fact that it is really hard for a place to live up to the expectations of all kinds of people. It requires a lot of planning and execution. Unfortunately, there are only very few places in the world that we’re able to pull it off with absolute flair and perfection. It might sound very simple, but it is the exact opposite to that, for a place to have all kinds of fo entities are something that is way beyond the levels of imagination.

One such place in the subcontinent is Noida. The ultra-modern city which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is not just popularity; Noida also commands a lot of commercial importance. It would not be an understatement to say that it is one of the perfectly planned cities in the country. Since the place has a lot of commercial aspect to it, the nightlife and party scene has also become of the most important entities. IN this article w will see in detail about the best party places in Noida.



Gravity generally has the tendency to pull you down. But on the contrary, this Gravity has the potential to take you high. If there is one thing that can be guaranteed in Gravity, it is unlimited fun. The place is awesome, and the vibe is really great. It has all the entities to qualify itself as an amazing party place. There are very good possibilities that the local people will also suggest this place for having a good time. For the service that they are providing the price that they offer is also really great.

Zest Bar and Lounge:


The Zest bar and Lounge have always been one of the most preferred places by many. They have an amazing place that can really bring great vibes. If you are hanging out with your friends, there are no second thoughts about the fact that this place is definitely one of the best places to hang out. At times the place gets a bit crowded, especially during the weekends. If it is better to be an early bird during the weekends. The best part is the drinks that are served. They also have a few signature drinks that you cannot afford to miss.



Chicane is one of that new-age pub that attracts a lot of younger generation. For many years Chicane has always managed to stay in the good books. Chicane is one of those places that puts the customer first. They have always made sure to live to the expectations and most of the times they have exceeded them. The one common thing that you here from the localities is that the drinks in this place are really amazing. So make sure that you grab some when you are partying at Chicane.



The name of the place might be a bit imperfect, but it is the perfect place to hang out with your loved ones and have a great time. The only negative point about this place is that it is comparatively small and hence even a very small number of people will make the place jam-packed. Other than that everything about the place is awesome. The drinks and the food are really amazing. If you really want to enjoy the place to the max, it will be better if you are able to make it on a weekday. It will calm, and there will only be a limited number of people.

No Objection House:


It is very evident that people are getting very creative when it comes to naming their pubs and clubs. The truth is that it is a kind of place where you will not find any objection. Some of the events organized in the place are something the localities look forward to. This is the kind of place that many people from abroad come and hangout. The price is also very nominal, and you cannot afford to miss out some of the best drinks offered in the place.

Noida Pub Exchange:


It would not be an understatement to say it is one of a kind pub in Noida. The theme of the pub is the stock exchange market. What makes it unique and sets it apart from the rest is that the price of the drinks according to the attendance. This is one of the things that adds the fun element to the pub. The pub has a wide range of mojitos that definitely deserve a very special mention. This one of the very few party places in Noida where you enjoy live music. The bands make sure that the energy in the place is kept at a high level.

Time Machine, Noida:


Time Machine is also another themed pub in Noida. The interiors are all the more enough to make anyone fall in love. The pub is nothing less than a perfect blend of sophistication and craziness. The two things that everyone talks about is the insane show bu the bartenders and the energetic music by the DJs. At times they also find some of the best DJs during important like the new year eve. If you ever want to chill out with your friends, this would be a great choice.

Barrak 62:


Many jumps in the conclusion that this place has something to do with Barrak Obama. Well, it has nothing to do with the former president of the USA. It is a prison-themed pub. You will literally feel that you are sitting inside the jail and having drinks and food. The biggest plus of this place is its location. It is located in a place where there are a lot of corporate establishments. Hence most of the time, the place is crowded. During weekends the place is literally jam-packed. But you can definitely have a lot of fun here.

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