7+ Ultimate Dubai Bucket List | Dubai Sightseeing Tours

Dubai is sure to give you the adrenaline rush that you have ever wished for. The thrill that you can sense here is sure to hook for some more. It is the ultimate destination to make all the sensations work at once and jump go with it. Dubai offers some of the most amazing experiences which you want to seek and is a sure to make a place in your Bucket List and you can tick off as many as you want to in Dubai itself.

Dubai-sightseeing-Tours Dubai sightseeing tours

  1. Feel The Drop In The Drop Zone

The first thing to tick off from your Bucket List is Skydiving at the Skydive Drop Zone at Al Sufouh. This is a lifetime experience and the thrill just gets better. Not only jumping out of a plane and free falling at the speed of 210 km/hr but also having the best of memories captured in loads of pictures. This is surely a must for all the adventure seekers and also to the newbies if taken with proper care and under proper guidance. So just let it all go and jump!

  1. Make Friends With Dolphins

Dolphins are great friends of human beings and you can actually get a chance to shake a leg or hand with. Yes! For all the brave people who actually want to try it and get to know the dolphins up close, Atlantis, the Palm water Park, Aquaventure is where dreams meet the reality. It offers interactive as well educational meets where you can meet the dolphins without diving in. Yet it’s close enough to interact with them.

  1. Fly Over The Desert

Dubai offers the best Hot air balloon ride for you. Get a breathtaking view of Dubai deserts and the Hajjar Mountains, it surely offers the most experience of a lifetime. It is just 30 minutes away from the main city and it’s filled with so much excitement. This is one of the best Dubai sightseeing Tours. The view is the best that you can find anywhere else. The sun, the sand dunes and the wildlife below give you a lot to remember. You should definitely tick this from your Bucket List while visiting Dubai. 

  1. Time To Show Some Cycling Skills

If you know how to cycle, then you are guaranteed the best cycling experience in Dubai. Al Qudracycling track is perfect for a sunrise and a sunrise. We can choose whichever you want to see. This is a 100 km cycle track but doesn’t worry, you don’t need to travel the entire extent. You can start off with 50 km. It is the best cycling expedition for beginners and the skills can be well displayed. It even has a cycle hub which provides healthy food for the cyclists.

  1. It’s Shutter Time at Burj Khalifa

Going to Dubai and not clicking a selfie or a picture in front of the Burj Khalifa is the most unexpected thing ever. So look your best and just click away with the Burj Khalifa behind or beside you. It is the tallest building in Dubai and is one of the highly photographed sites in Dubai. It is always filled with tourists and shutterbugs. This is the perfect picture to be posted on social media while or after your visit to Dubai. Surely the most liked and loved click of yours!

  1. Camel Provides Us Meat Too!

Yes, you heard it right and to get a proof of this idea, just try out the delicious Camel burgers in Dubai Mall. This burger is definitely worth trying and it’s a sure worth of money. If you want to try different varieties of dishes, then you should definitely try this dish as it’s different in taste and surely many of us would be the first one to try it ever.

  1. Cruise Away The Creek

This is the oldest and traditional mode of transport in Dubai and cruising along the Dubai Creek gives you a great experience. Speed, view and sights, this Cruise ride gives you everything. You can go alone as well as with your entire family and the experience will be no less beautiful. Apart from riding the sand dunes which is common in a desert, you can surely try this. You can witness varied life all around and enjoy it too.

So book your tickets to Dubai and prepare a Bucket List for yourself/Dubai Sightseeing Tours. The more the merrier and keep on ticking off as many as you can while in Dubai, you will return back with a bag full of memories and smiles and it will surely satisfy your adrenaline rush too.

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