Attractiveness Caves In Wayanad Should Visit For Weekends

Situated about 25 kilometres away from Kalpetta, the Edakkal Caves are located in the remote island of Edakkal. The caves are one of the biggest tourist destinations in South India.

Each year, thousands of tourists visit the caves to checkout its natural beauty and legendary status. You can find the adventures Caves in Wayanad. There are many legends and tales about the formation of the caves. Let’s explore the history and attractions of the caves.

Edakkal Caves History

There are many stories behind the formation of the Edakkal Caves. Edakkal cave is one of the famous caves in Wayanad. A famous one is that, the caves were formed by the arrows of Kush and Luv. Another folklore is that it was formed because of Kuttichathan and the Goddess Mudiampilly.

History has it that the caves were first discovered by the then superintendent of police of the Malabar District, Fred Fawcett, on his hunting trip. He found the caves to the west of Edakkal Mala and when he explored it further, he found that the caves were the habitat of the Neolithic people. 

Why Are the Edakkal Caves Famous

1. Pictorial Paintings

The Edakkal Caves are famous for their paintings of figures: human, animals, symbols and letters. These paintings are believed to date back to the 6000 BC. The etchings and prehistoric line drawings are a testament to the culture and lives of those who lived in the caves years ago.

2. Stone Age Carvings

Inside the Edakkal Caves you can see stone age carvings on the walls of the inner caves. The work leaves you in awe and the carvings are believed to be from the Neolithic and Mesolithic ages. On the walls of some caves, you can see Tamil and Brahmi inscriptions, too.

3. Stunning Petroglyphs

Some portions of the Edakkal Caves are petroglyphs, these are not caves but rifts in the rocks, or clefts. There are three types of petroglyphs to see at the Edakkal Caves and the oldest ones date back 8,000 years. The petroglyphs have excellent formations that are great to see.

4. A Great Trekking Spot

The trek through the Ambukuthi Hill to get to the Edakkal Caves is a great experience. You’ll not only challenge yourself but you will also pass through exciting scenery and amazing terrain. Watch out for the fantastic coffee plantations along the way to the caves from the base of the Ambukuthi Hill. On the way you will also see carvings of Adam, Eve and Satan from the Bible. There’s a nice small shack that serves delicious snacks on the way to the caves.

Edakkal Caves Entry Fee

There is a booking office at the top of the Ambukuthi Hill where you can book tickets to the cave. Tickets are priced at Rs. 30, and for children below 12 years each ticket is Rs. 20. Plastic bags and bottles are not allowed into the caves. If you have to take a bottle, you need to pay a deposit at the entrance of the cave.

Edakkal Caves Timings

The Edakkal caves are open from 8 am to 4 pm on Tuesday to Sunday. Entry to the caves is not permitted on Mondays.

This is everything you need to know about the Edakkal Caves in Wayanad. A historic place, you will probably want to visit for its beautiful pictorial paintings. The best way to get to the caves is via a trek. The most fun is had when you trek through the Ambukuthi Hill to get to the Edakkal caves.

If you love exploring nature and adventure sports, you’ll enjoy the experience of exploring the Edakkal Caves. It’s a great trek and a wonderful way to connect with nature.

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